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Vital Strategies, founded in San Francisco, CA in 1994 to serve technology insertion/transfer needs in the biotechnology and multi-media industries, split from its parent Economic Strategy Group, a successful and leading provider of advanced economic/ technology development services to more than fifty cities and counties in California and Arizona, selected major energy corporations, and the University of California system. Vital Strategies also descends from the Corporation for American Indian Development, a $2M firm specializing in advanced economic/technology development services for North American tribes from 1979-1991. Vital Strategies relocated to the mid-Atlantic region in 1998 to meet the growing needs of East Coast emergent technology firms serving NASA and Navy customers, and to help bring West Coast lessons in "collaborative advantage" to nourish the mid-Atlantic's significant advanced technology potential. Vital Strategies reorganized and expanded in mid-2004 to address new needs for technology insertion specialization common to industry, small business and federal programs.

Staff and Collaborators

Robert-Allen Baker blends professional skills in applied economics, advanced technology market placement for small business, corporate strategic planning and regional economic development. With an institutional investment network on both East and West Coasts to support defense-related and bio/medical technologies, Mr. Baker specializes in efficient, innovative management of the acquisition landscape -- and particularly the interface between federal programs and contractors, and small business. He has additionally played federal policy advisory roles, which included work with the President's Council of Economic Advisors and other entities.

Michael J. Grow migrated from an early Air Force career in aircraft systems acquisition to managing program innovations in investment banking and venture capital investment, where his operational success and IT software skills led to serial experiences in helping launch small advanced technology firms in the B2B arena. Mr. Grow specializes in managing the intersection of financial organization product development and market access planning for emerging technology firms

Bernard D. Hansen balanced careers in national research laboratory administration and commercial investment banking, coming to specialize in commercialization of advanced technologies in the biotech, aerospace and energy industries. Mr. Hansen maintains an extensive network of institutional investment contacts on both East and West Coasts, and has general expertise in federal acquisition techniques.

Werner Loell is a veteran of public/private sector strategic planning required to manage procurement challenges inherent in all aspects of ship construction and modernization. Responsibilities included transition of SBIR and Manufacturing Technology projects to the initial funding phases and subsequent demonstration and implementation; validation of contractor earned value and conduct cost/schedule/ risk assessments; and development of both prime contractor and supplier technical/cost proposal evaluations. He also understands best manufacturing practices, advanced materials, and environmentally green fabrication methods for production insertion.

Janis Peck marries leading-edge market research and technology licensing skills with a best practice understanding of university technology transfer work, and an aggressive interest in helping minority universities access entrepreneurial opportunities.


Martin Jackson, a professional engineer with a duty history in the Navy's nuclear submarine fleet, launched a successful career in venture capital and other institutional investment, specializing in advanced technology opportunities in diverse industries. Mr. Jackson joined a key Navy program technology acquisition initiative in 2002, where he focuses on collaborative sourcing of disparate funds to solve defense technology insertion problems.

Erin Bland, an engineer by training, specializes in defense industry acquisition of advanced technologies. A veteran of Navy SBIR coordination work through NAVSEA's PEO Ships, Ms. Bland joined the private sector in 2003 where she plays a key role addressing the technology insertion needs of the Navy's DD(X) and other programs.

Dr. Judith Hopkins emerged from a high-profile background in medical research management at leading institutions to enter the technology investment business, where she excelled over a long career with Research Corporation Technologies at identifying promising new biotech and medtech products or services from a market perspective. Dr. Hopkins rose to the position of principal associate of RCT, arguably the nation's oldest venture investment firm.

Vital Strategies' Advantages
Our advantages reside in our competencies.
  • Tech acquisition/ transfer experts
  • Strategic planning to make a corporate business case
  • Vetting advance technologies for potential
  • Finding funds and fund sources
  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Structuring small business financials

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